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About QWork

At Queen’s University, our Extended Workforce make a significant and invaluable contribution by primarily :

  • Delivering non-permanent or intermittent services/expertise as and when required and; 
  • Preventing the disruption of permanent services by covering short term staff absences or providing additional support to meet fluctuating demands.
  • Through QWork, you can register your interest in working on casual basis on QUB Campus, view opportunities, apply for and manage your assignments. You can access from anywhere at any time through QWork portal

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    Queen’s University Belfast is dedicated to enhancing student employability by providing our students with real work experience on campus. We have a range of opportunities with flexible working hours, to suit and complement the student learning experience.

    Alumni & Non Students

    We seek individuals for a diverse and exciting range of Teaching, Professional Services & Operational roles. We offer contracts to suit the assignments.

    Professional Services

  • Clerical/Administration
  • Technical Research Support
  • Invigilators
  • Teaching

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Occasional Lecturers providing expertise
  • Occasional Lecturers providing experience on ad-hoc basis
  • Commercial

  • Bar/Restaurant
  • PEC/QFT Shops
  • Hire From QWork


    What is QWork?

    We are changing the way we recruit and engage workers currently paid through Non Staff Payroll (NSP)/ Students Union and On Campus jobs. Qwork, the business system, supports the operating model which will allow Schools and Directorates to continue to engage workers locally whilst being governed centrally.

    How will it work?

    QWORK includes a central database of workers, who have had Right to Work (RTW) checks completed and have visa restrictions identified. QWORK will control the number of hours commissioned to any individuals who may have restricted working hours, particularly Student Visa students, as well as managing timesheet collection, approval and payment.

    How will I use it?

    Hiring Managers can search the system to identify individuals who meet their needs and engage individuals in the knowledge that they are contracted correctly. The system will be available 24/7 from anywhere, allowing Hiring Managers to react to emerging needs quickly and flexibly.

    Benefits of QWork

    We anticipate that these changes will have a number of benefits, including:

  • Mitigating the risk of failure to comply with legal requirements including UKVI regulations, by eliminating manual processes;
  • Reducing administration time and effort to recruit, engage, commission work and pay workers;
  • Creating a mechanism to increase the available pool of candidates of workers available to work at short notice and commissioning hours in advance;
  • Providing better reporting processes with greater accessibility to relevant information and visibility of assignments;
  • Ensuring greater accountability and governance in the recruitment and engagement of worker